Thursday, December 23, 2010

"LET IT BE KNOWN" THE RADIO SHOW Resumes Jan 19th 2011

 If you've never listened to one of our 44 shows, I suggest you tune in this January 19th at 8pm/EST.............. Let it Be Known Live has become a success, gaining listeners that call in from around the country. Airing every Wednesday and Sunday at 8p/EST, the show will return with a new season filled with juicy topics and a revamped format--Hosted by Author Al King, Taehesha Alston and Derrick Wilson that make up the panel. Joining the show as a listener, what you'll experience is a sincere and passionate discussion aimed at selected real-life topics. Al King calls it the "No Sprinkles on the Ice Cream" approach, bringing forth a truth and a solution to some of the issues we face in our daily walks. The show has covered topics ranging from "Single Father Testimony", "Why Settle for Attention", "Head of Household", "Friendship Infidelity: Dating a Friends Ex" to name a few............ if you are interested in listening to past segments feel free to follow the link. Come to Listen or Comment at 914-338-0579 or Log on

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