Monday, April 30, 2012

"WANTING to be Great is just not enough"


Let me just start off by saying that greatness will not ever come just solely based on desire. Being great means that you have maximized your efforts to the best of your god-given abilities and as a result you have achieved greatness. I don't see any reason why that shouldn't be a goal for us all whether you achieve it or not. Higher expectations will always raise the bar and yield more character and spirit. But what happens when being great is not a goal; you have the element of mediocrity in the equation. As we all know that same mediocrity is a reward for being complacent. Someone has conjured up in their mind that being great is not possible nor conceivable and just allowing what comes at them is just enough. Many things contribute to where you naturally take things in your life. After all, those experiences are what you have made significant in your life. Let me get right back to those experiences which clearly set a tone. Your circumstances that you have had to face will surely create a foundation and galvanize your ambition and determination to correct what you felt was uncomfortable. Even as I type away and write this post, I can recall being so hungry (pun intended) for change that it strengthened not only my will but my person.

It's strongly my belief that you have to go through something in order to get through it and I thank GOD for putting me through it. The will to be great is what will produce greatness—wanting it is just not enough. Going after something with all of your focus and resilience is key. I've realized over and over that there is a thin line between both "desire" and "will." There are just those times and periods in our lives that we are caught up in wanting something but haven't yet to follow it up with any action. Divinely, what forces the shift of fruition is our determination and will to get it done, regardless. What truly separates the possibilities from the inevitable is the understanding that there’s no other alternative but to get it done. Again, being great just means that you have connected to your purpose by maximizing your efforts. Getting to that level will be predicated by sacrifice, devotion and commitment so BE GREAT!

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