Friday, April 13, 2012



Ladies and Gentlemen, Kings and Queens, Matriarchs and Patriarchs...... it’s with extreme importance that you all realize the power of being in “ONENESS.” It’s attractive, imperative and it symbolizes stability. If you are looking to avoid a reality of being single for the remainder of your life, this is something that you should find in your best interest to absorb. Also, for those of you that are in relationships and marriage, I want you to really key in on this information.  With addressing the significance of Oneness—one thing I can assure you all is that you will do your relationship an incredible service by being proficient within the concept of being in alignment. Instead of losing faith, you will now have so much to root for that will encompass the way two people should co-exist with one another. It’s a constant occurrence with a different relationship that is failing, two people that have not found a way to make it work.  Most of them can be salvaged by simply incorporating a level of understanding.  Some of these relationships are doomed right from the start because they are periled with all of the wrong methods to begin with. You can’t expect balance if there is no respect for the following variables from the beginning; maintenance, dedication, sacrifice and consistency.   

What is the Power of Oneness? It’s the holistic harmony in a relationship that constitutes respect in every sector of the union. Both parties understand that they must work TOGETHER and not individually……..morally, financially and responsibly.

We get a breakdown in the face of the family structure, relationships and marriages all fail when there is a lack of oneness……… all because both individuals chose to remain their own separate entities. What you have now is a potent force of resistance that has taken over the entire equation and before you know it, everything imaginable begins to affect this arrangement—from trust issues to second-guessing your decision to be with this person. One very challenging variable to overcome that impedes a person from being able to collaborate with others is having been single for so long. They become so accustomed to being independent that the transition and expectations of merging with someone else is not in their intentions. At the same time, they like what comes in terms of the benefits from being with that person.

THE ADVANTAGE: by being in oneness, relationships and marriages can be stable while individualism is pushed to the side.  Therefore, the concept of being in complete unison and co-existing with the person you have found to be your fit is exemplified.   

THE DISADVANTAGE: contrary to belief, there’s no advantage in negating from the impact and significance of two people working as one. Two minds are better than one and strength will always come in numbers. Living a life of promiscuity as we all know is an open invitation for nothing but setbacks. Not only is it expensive to maintain that lifestyle but it is costly by all accounts.
Allow me to give you a few things to keep in mind as you look to remain or acquire oneness;   
·       Inherit and respect the mindset of working, moving, being in existence with someone else.
·       Do not make any decisions without your spouse. You must confer and attack everything collectively.
·       Money is the root of most disagreements in a relationship. Either, it’s there and being mismanaged or the lack of it that causes strain. The bottom line is that all financial matters need to be discussed and resolved together.
·       Do not place anyone in the middle of your relationship by keeping outside forces on the outside.

Hopefully, I have ignited some consciousness with this discussion on the power of oneness----a force that is so detrimental to the success of our relationships and marriages. Today, do yourself a favor and assess if you and your partner are even moving on the same page and if not, you need to make it happen. The strength comes in unification!  

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