Thursday, June 28, 2012



I hope as you read this post it can provoke you to want to take full advantage of my moments. The importance of GROWTH has been my discussion of the week. There’s no way to experience growth if you are holding on to the very same things that are impeding you from enhancements. Some of us don’t even realize what’s stunting our growth which is why it’s imperative to fine tune your ability to detect what’s not complimentary. It’s so easy to fall into non-productive routines of sheer complacency just because it doesn’t provoke any challenge. Day in and day out we diminish our own expectations by accepting what we know is not helping us but hurting us. As we often hear over and over, one must get uncomfortable to be comfortable. By forcing a deviation we then create an opening for new blessings and new manifestations to enter our world. Getting to that point of execution becomes the challenge that we fight to overcome. Once we have determined what it is that we need to do in order to force that growth we get all kinds of reactions. One thing in particular is the change in those that you have in your life. In your transition you are most likely noticing that you’re outgrowing people QUICK which is a natural course in growth. Your maturation just don’t parallel with those same individuals you have always been connected with in your journey. The reality that you must accept is that your growth will actually be the reason for leaving some behind. It’s something that must be done in order to protect your own growth and ensure that you continue to grow.

 Discomfort forces growth—bottom line. What we have been challenged by should be the means behind our motivation. At some point there is something that clicks in us to pursue a difference.  We conjure up the plan that is then executed and it’s then that we begin to see growth. That growth encompasses our perspectives, ideals, values and stature. In retrospect, had we chosen to remain complacent in that same realm of satisfaction we would have never experienced this new found energy.  So many times in my own travels I had come to the conclusion that I needed to have a different approach in order to get different results. Once I carried it all through it brought so much clarity to what I had been skeptical of in the first place. You have to constantly revisit these same tactics because it’s easy to reach a climatic stage in realms where you can progress with limitations. Please understand that you can do something different and yet have no growth.  If you want more and better for yourself, you must constantly make assessments and filter out all of what is stunting your growth. We all have some things in our lives that warrant a full evaluation and correction. The question becomes; how much are you willing to let go so that you can allow an overflow of new growth to now take over? New skin only grows after the old skin has been pushed to a scab. Seeking a release and letting go is the only way one can outgrow what has become mundane and tired.  Instead, we opt to use excuses for holding on to them just because they have become a part of our typical expectations.


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