Thursday, December 1, 2011



I wanted to share something really quick with you all in terms of possessing an open mind. You'll never know what can open up your world to countless opportunities and rewards if you are not open. I truly believe that an open mind is usually attached to an open heart. Once you are receptive to being receptive it naturally brings possibilities and probabilities into your life. If you carry this openness it will transcend to your faith and hope which will only broaden your beliefs. It will also force you to understand that what appears impossible is really possible.  

On the other hand, by being closed minded you are refuting what could potentially be and what can work to your full advantage. You will never know what could be if you knock down everything before taking it into consideration. Not only are you doing yourself a disservice but you are most likely shunning a blessing in disguise—one that was tailored just for you. By exerting this type of behavior we become our own oppressor. Remember, we are all presented with options that we're forced to make a decision with either an open or closed mind.  

Be mindful that what's for you will have different ways of finding you. BE OPEN!

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