Monday, December 19, 2011



In each of our lives, we all come across many personalities in many people. We grow into these rapports, friendships and associations all by experience.  These interactions quickly educate us on one important factor; that people will either add or subtract from our lives. Which leads me to my point that in those processes, we will constantly come across two different types of people; a taker or giver. We all want to be in a position of receiving because it feels good to get something from someone. That part of us is an acceptable selfishness that is innately in us all. But I think we would agree that there is nothing more disheartening than having to deal with someone that just wants to take...take....take. Sadly, we are all surrounded by these individuals. Again, We are all looking for something in return to balance off what we are willing to give. If you have endured the people that don't know how to give, it will force you to worship those that give and provide from the sincerity of their hearts without any conditions attached. 

Some of you may have this special type of person in your life and don't even know.... so I will help you identify them; Takers are inconsiderate and spineless with their methods in order to get what they want out of every situation. Some of them are not even aware of their doings while most of them are the least bit concerned with how they are perceived. Initially, they seldom come across as the "using" type and often give off a very sincere persona. They are usually loners and have very little friends for obvious reasons. The sad part of this all is that they may never understand the importance of being reciprocal in their exchanges because they are not receptive.

The question is.....How do you protect yourself from being used and abused by this individual? First, you have to simply be mindful of your surroundings and dealings. What happens to you will only happen if you allow it. There are times that we all get so consumed with interacting that we forget to pay attention to details. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sizing up everyone that you allow into your world and determining what purpose they are serving. Why not? they do it to you. Ask yourself, is this person going to be conducive to my growth and if not, why should I even bother. Remember, people that have the right intentions will do the right things and that will be defined with the access that you grant.  Now that you have this embedded in your mindset, when you do come across a taker you will already know to keep your distance!

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