Tuesday, May 22, 2012



Mediocrity shouldn’t be a goal neither a mainstay. The leading contributor to this dismal state of mind is one losing faith and hope in the power of potential. They no longer see something escalating to a higher level and instead react by choosing to do just enough to get by. By accepting what is given to them instead of creating more opportunities they use comfort as an excuse. As a result, they have inherited a persona that then becomes a magnet. Without them fully understanding, they continue to drain and attract others right into this cycle of complacency. Subconsciously, they recruit heavily for new members to join this team of lackluster assertion and what's even crazier is that they believe they’re not this way. None of us are exempt from experiencing these types of beings. The biggest defense you can have against them is being aware of them and knowing that you must do everything to stay away from them. After all, self-preservation is imperative so protecting your own motivation and outlook is essential. It only takes a short time for them to sabotage your drive if you allow it. We all know the devil is always busy but we also know he is a liar. Using disciples to attack your ambition is what he will do so be attentive at all times.

Life shows us that …… some of us are great starters and never finish anything, superb at initiating something but horrible at following up, fear success and potential by doing everything to just remain in their current position with no growth. There are harsh realities that many of us are content with living. Each of those characteristics are carried by people that may even hold in high regard; friends, family and associates. When people are highly motivated in achievement they avoid anything that’s not conducive to their growth. Greatness comes from first understanding the importance of being great. DON’T feel guilty for doing more and avoiding those that find solace in underachieving. It’s wise and necessary to avoid entertaining anything that will affect your own tenacity.  The bottom line is that some of us are motivated for better while some of us are not. 

   KEEP a few things in mind as you walk in your journey;
·       Those that want more, do more.
·       Those that want less, do the least.
·       Everyone talks a good game until they’re asked to show and prove.
·       Everyone wants something that they’re not willing to put in the work to attain.

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