Monday, May 7, 2012



I wanted to share a few words with you to potentially jump-start your day and hopefully your week. This one goes out to anyone that has set goals that they are diligently working to harvest accomplishments. You probably are well aware that anything you’re doing in your life to progress forward will require some form of support from others. Now, what you possess within your own person has nothing to do with what you will need from others.  Does this diminish the fact that you will stand alone regardless? NO but no man is an island. I have always stood firm in believing that what you aspire to do must be met with energy. The bottom line is that we all need Support and Belief.  With these two forces in our corner we are able to take on the world and conquer the set goal. These two major variables play such a primary role in further shaping our faith and building both our confidence and morale. I don’t believe that one can’t function without it but I do believe that whatever it is you’re attempting to get accomplished will be a longer drawn out journey until you find it. What we all must understand is that there are many ways to demonstrate support to others. But first let me say that support is an unconditional and selfless act of investing in something from an emotional place. Belief works very similar with one being able to vouch and connect to the subject with immense understanding.

We all need these two very important variables in our lives; relationships, pursuing a career, new business endeavor, weight loss or regaining spiritual strength. From any aspect of what we face we will be left with veering toward these two components. It doesn’t matter where it comes from but it helps when it comes from those that are close to you—which is where we have a heightened level of expectation. In actuality, what we are doing is placing a lot of value to those relationships that are deemed significant. What I have come to realize is that in the road to fulfillment there are a lot of people you will come across that are very uncomfortable supporting others. I can also assure you that those same individuals that display the least support are the same people that expect the most of it from others. Support is love and a genuine expression of gratitude which can be delivered in so many ways; by showing another human being that they are also important. If you are someone that has fought with spreading love and supporting others……You need to realize that you will need and expect the same from people you are surrounded by and come across in your life.

Before I end this one I wanted to say that support and belief begins with the person in the mirror. Avoid being dependent of others when you have not removed the self-doubt from yourself—NO ONE is going to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself.  

There’s so much power in Belief and Support …… so what you believe in is what will BE!

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